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On one of my computers i can edit the equations manager and on the other i can't why?

Question asked by Chris Holmgren on Oct 11, 2017

I'm studding to take the CSWP exam and have ran into a couple of problems.

1. on one computer i can add info into the equations manager and on the other i can not and even if i input the info in the other computer when i open up the drawing and look at the equations manager all the equations have a red x next to the global variables?

2. on question 1 i made the drawing and checked the mass and it was 14207.34 and the right answer is 14207.35. so i saved that and made it question 2 made all the changes and checked the mass and its not even close the right answer is 16490.45 and my answer is 15631.60 i have rechecked it several times the only think i have not done is do the part completely from the start?