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2004 SolidWorks.... newbie needs somehelp

Question asked by Aaron Grove on Oct 11, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 14, 2017 by Aaron Grove

Alright...I am new here, and WAY over my head as far as the knowledge on this forum in concerned.  I have what is a simple question in the realm of solidworks.  The only issue, is the version I am using is VERY old.  My father has been a long time solid works user... He gave me his old (well used) copy of solidworks 2004.  I have played around quite a bit in his more recent 2014 version.  Long story short... how do I find Quadrants of circles and radii in the 2004 version?  In the 2014 I am used to them being shown when hovering with lines/points.  I cant find that in the 2004 version.  Any help is greatly appreciated!!


Thank you!