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_InsertBlock: change order in table from A-Z to newest first.

Question asked by Malte Wüst on Oct 11, 2017



I get my Path from the PDM ->


Set myBlockDefinition = Part.SketchManager.MakeSketchBlockFromFile(Nothing, "Path to the .SLDBLK", False, 1, 0)


and then I want to insert the Block (with mouseclick only) into the drawing ->

swModelDocExt.RunCommand swCommands_InsertBlock, "insert"



The Problem is:


if I insert different Blocks (for example: A1, B2, C3) and i want to add another Block (e.g.: D4) with the Macro, the preview in the Blocktable still displays A1.


How can i change this order to newest first?


Kind Regards and thanks,