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How to reduce gap between ordinate dimension leader line and fillet center mark?

Question asked by William Bibaeff on Oct 11, 2017
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I am using SolidWorks 2016 and have this issue:   When using ordinate dimensioning to locate the centers of several tangent fillets, it produces large gaps between the center marks, which I place on the drawing view first, and the ordinate dimension lines.  (see image 1).   I believe this gap is where the extended lines of the center marks would be if the option to turn them on were selected.

image 1.JPG

If I dimension the fillet centers first and then add the center marks, the leader lines and center marks will have no gaps at all (see image 2) image 2.JPG

unless I manually tug each leader line away from the center mark, which doesn't strike me as particularly efficient.   I tried reducing the extension lines gap setting which produced only a tiny improvement.  I went to Options>Dimensions>Centerlines/Center Marks, selected Extended lines and reduced the gap there which had no impact at all.  I did a Ctrl + Q  Forced (Total) rebuild which also had no impact.

Is there a way to reduce the leader line to center mark gap in an efficient manner to get a normal appearance similar to the 4.80 and 7.50 dimensions in image 2 which I manually adjusted?  Thank you.