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Problem with opacity/color during positioning and render

Question asked by Simone Giudici on Oct 11, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 13, 2017 by Simone Giudici

I've started today rendering with Visualize trial version some parts and assembly made with Solidwork 2016 Pro with serial code regulary buyed.

During mine tests (is first time I approach with Visualize cause is more simple then Photoview 360 for me) and I encountered a "bug" (idn how to call).


Images will speak better than mine bad English..

I have a part 1,

prova 2.jpg

And a part 2

prova 3.jpg

.... So, when i try to put the assembly on Visualize i have this problem.

Progetto senza titolo.jpg

I don't know how to fix and why that line appears only when 2 solid mix up.

When i rotate the solid that line remains straight and it happens with every similar render I try to do.


Thanks for helps and sorry for my bad english.