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How to Align Sketch Text (Besides Dimensioning to a Center Line?)

Question asked by Victor Carosi on Oct 10, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 5, 2018 by Wing Hoe Tan

Hey Everyone,


Trying to do something seemingly simple here - dimension sketch text from the top of the text as opposed to the construction line it was written on. See the attached picture. Ignoring the fact that that "drawing" is over-defined, how can I position the "COLD" text using only the .25" dimension? Right now I have it in its intended location using the height of the text given in the font window. (So I dimensioned .25" to the construction line, i.e. the bottom of the text, and then added .13", the height of the text) Is there anyway to dimension the text from the top? Furthermore, is there anyway to measure to the center of text without dividing its height by 2? Many situations arise in which we're attempting to find a good font size and locking in a relation to the center of the text would be immensely helpful since we wouldn't have to divide the new height by 2 every time, and we could keep the center of the text on a circle of particular diameter as shown in the picture without adding in a measurement step.


Is this just a limitation of the Sketch Text feature? We use Adobe Illustrator for most of this stuff but some stuff is done on SolidWorks.