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BOM label in QTY column

Question asked by Paul Robertson on Oct 10, 2017

I am hoping someone can tell me where SW gets/controls the data to populate the title over the QTY column in a BOM? I tend to use configurations a lot, and I mention this because when using multiple configurations, SW adds the configuration name on the QTY column, which can be helpful at times, but sometimes not. See attached PDF to help your understanding....I understand that the info gets pulled over from my configuration name (or description?), but I've never been able to figure out how to turn this off (so the column says only QTY)....yeah, sure I can delete the extra text, but call me a control freak. The other puzzling thing is that there is extra info the example shows in the BOM, there is a reference to 20 tpi with has to do with threading, which this part has none. I can imagine that this "20 tpi" came from one of my parts, but is is not this one specifically. How this got there is a mystery, unless it is saved into my BOM template somehow (but I usually do not get this doubtful).


I figure there is a toggle button somewhere in "options" to update this or flip it off....any info is appreciated to how this is done.