BOM QTY units in linear feet-not number of pieces

Discussion created by 1-GENJQS on Jan 21, 2009
Latest reply on Sep 29, 2017 by Vladimir Urazhdin
We want our BOM template to include the following:
. Typical part quantities (number of pieces) for parts in our system as "each"
. Quantities for parts that are in our system as linear feet (things purchased on a roll) to be listed in the BOM as linear feet. Example: if an assembly has 3 pieces @ 2 feet long each in it, we want the BOM QTY to be 6 linear feet, and not 3 pieces.

I think our BOM template will have to have columns for item number, part number, description, QTY and linear feet. Right now it is set up with all of the above except the linear feet column.
How can we set up our BOM to include linear feet for those items we want in linear feet and also include other items we want as QTY (number of pieces)?