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Create Balloon stack using existing BOMBalloon

Question asked by John Alexander on Oct 9, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 10, 2017 by John Alexander

I have a macro that clusters components in an assembly based on their mates. I want to create balloon stacks from those clusters. In this way, I'll have an automatically ballooned assembly drawing with stacks of balloons that naturally fit together in an assembly (machined part as root balloon followed by, fasteners, shims, small purchased parts, etc).


My intended workflow is as follows:


1. Use AutoBalloon5 to fully balloon the drawing. My motive for using this is that AutoBalloon5 does a decent job of choosing insertion points that are centered on visible faces. It also lays the balloons out in a reasonably aesthetic way.


2. For each root component of a cluster, find the corresponding BOMBalloon on the drawing.


3. Use that BOMBalloon to create a new BalloonStack. Append the rest of the cluster to this stack.


4. Delete any non-stacked balloons resulting from AutoBalloon5 (those that were not root components of any cluster).



The part I'm having problems with is step 3. I've tried pre-selecting the BOMBalloon when calling InsertStackedBalloon2 but it doesn't work. I know in the GUI, one of the RMB menu options on single BOMBalloons is "add to stack". I suspect there is some similar functionality for transforming individual BOMBalloons into balloon stacks but I can't find it.



Is anyone aware of a method of creating a BalloonStack from a single BOMBalloon?.