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    Link balloon text to BOM

    Frans Labuschagne

      Hello Everybody


      I am having trouble with connecting balloons to the BOM on my drawings.  So far it has only happened when I display a single part from my assembly.


      In the balloon properties, the option to link the balloon text to a specified table is greyed out. In the assembly where the item appears, the number is fine but not in the part view itself. See the picture bellow.


      Is there anything I can do to fix this?  Currently I am manually entering text into the specified balloon; however, this creates a lot of problems and takes up a lot of time as you can imagine.

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          Jitendra Gahalot

          Hi Frans,

          Have you inserted BOM table before adding balloons to your drawing, since the drop-down list for selecting BOM table is empty.

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            Adam Humphries

            Hello Frans,


            I have taken a look at the SOLIDWORKS Knowledgeable and it suggests this issue is related to two possible things.


            1. add-ins -

            To resolve this problem, enable all add-ins in the Tools -> Add-Ins menu.  If the problem is resolved, it may be possible to identify the specific add-in which resolves the problem by a process of elimination.


            Disable the add-ins on by one until the problem reappears


            2. Registry - for this i would recommend a registry reset.


            Ensure solidworks is closed down

            HKEY_CURRENT_USER > Software > SolidWorks


            I normally right mouse click on the SolidWorks folder, select rename and rename it as an old registry with date i did it, something like this: - "SolidWorks_Old_DD.MM.YY"


              When you boot SOLIDWORKS again all the settings should have been reset to default, so you will need to agree to the licensing agreement again etc.


            re-open and try the drawing again


            if neither of these options work i would try recreating the drawing in a different drawing template as it may have become corrupt some how.


            Please let me know if this resolves the issue or not



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              Frans Labuschagne



              I ran into the problem again the other day. 


              It seems like the error was that I set up two conflicting BOM's.  When I set the second 1 to not change the part number, the problem seemed to be solved.