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    How to rotate plane in normal

    Phuc Nguyen

      Hi, bro!


      Could you help me to rotate a plane in a sketch from TOP to Below (in the FRONT plane) as below:




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          Logan Pegler

          Hi Phuc,


          There are probably a few ways to achieve this using different view tools:


          Normal to the front plane (right click > normal to).

          -Normal to again to get the back face, then hold shift and press up twice.


          -Use alt and left or right to rotate the current view around in 15 degree increments.


          Once in the right orientation, press space (orientation toolbar), Update Views button, and select the Front plane to make this the new default if desired.


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            Christian Chu


            There are several ways to do this like using SW built-in  orientation tool

            or using this tool which you can select a view and rotate it to any angle you want