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    how to approach this sketch?

    Daniel Banana

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          J. Mather

          Front View - sketch and Extrude

          Top View - sketch and Extrude - Cut (intersection)


          Right View - cut hole.

          About 5 minutes of work. 

          Attach your *.sldprt attempt here.


          Modeling Approach.png

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            Paul Salvador

            Well,..I know this is most likely a school assignment but looking at this sketch,.. instead of just looking at this as a six sided block you just hack away and hand in as a assignment,.. always consider your layout with intent,.. that is, simplicity, efficiency and/also flexibility


            Such as, Designing it,.. in general you do NOT see a block,.. you have a intent designed into the layout of the sketches, holes, planes and eventually the shape are related to other components interaction/intent/clearances and possible changes/variables/configurations/symmetry in your sketch/feature design layout.


            And,  Making it  (your school assignment),.. in general, you do not see or care about the design intent, again, you only see a six sided block of material,.. and you are cutting away each side per the dimensioned profiles in the iso sketch.... done!

            Well, in manufacturing, in making it, you are also concerned with cutting time/processes/operations, holding, positioning, symmetry,..  and possible issues with waste, configurations (size variables) and finishing (add/remove)....that is, there is intent.


            So, in general the ideal approach for your layout should be simple with intent...  which include options for possible change..