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Render Configurations not saved?!?!

Question asked by Neil Marten on Oct 6, 2017
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Continuing on my quest for efficiency, I started using Configurations in the Output Tools popup. I was glad to see that these configurations, once setup, were available when opening any .SWVP file. I thought "this is great!", until i had to close Viz due to sluggish performance. When I opened it up again, all but my first configuration were gone. The first one is the renamed Default Config, which may by the reason it stuck around. Below, you can see images of before and after restarting Viz. So my question is...


This has to be a bug,  right?


Is this being fixed in the 2018 version?


Is there any other work around that allows saving of render configs?




SWV Error 01.jpgSWV Error 02.jpg