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A few newbie questions regarding Stand-Alone Applications

Question asked by Rainer Schätzlein on Oct 6, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 8, 2017 by Ivana Kolin

Hi Everyone,

i'm totaly new to SolidWorks API development, hovewer experienced when it comes to .NET (C#, WinForms, WPF etc) stuff. A few word about my enviorment:

We're a automation company with around 15 SolidWorks workstations. Im trying to use the SW API in a Stand-Alone App to exract informations about componentrefernces and parent-child relations automaticaly (which is done by hand right now). Right now, its really hard for me to find a good point to start.

Could you help me with some hints and tips? Most of the example code in the official API-Help doesn't execute on my pc.

I have some questions where i'm having a hard time to find answers:

  • Which .dll / namespace is the right one when i'm just trying to crawl throught the object tree of SW and gather some information like componentreference e.t.c?
  • Do i have to have the full solid works software installed on my local pc to run such a stand alone application that utilizes the dlls?
  • Can i just reference to the interop dlls that i can find in the api/redist folder of solid works or do they need to be registered anywhere?
  • I've tried to install the Solid Works API SDK, but absolutely nothing happend. No new folder unter C:/Program Files/ e.t.c

I'm really grateful for any information right now, since i've spend already a day with this topic without making any progress.

Thanks guys!