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    Error opening file

    Julio Brezzo

      Hello everybody,


      I'm having a issue with an assembly. Suddenly the one i'm working on it's having trouble opening. It appears the message i'm attaching here. Yesterday happens the same thing with a subassambly, and i reboot my computer. After that, i opened well. But it's happening too often, and kinds of scares me, because i don't find a clear cause.


      I'm working on Windows 10, 8gb RAM, I7 processor, and a (modest) GeForce Nvidia 610 (I KNOW that is not in recommended hardware). It could be a memory problem? I used to open more bigger assemblies and that's the first time this error comes up.


      Thaks you all.

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          Glenn Schroeder

          Several people have reported that error, and I've seen it myself.  I've occasionally had success trying to open the file with a different method.  For example, I usually open files by clicking on the file in Windows Explorer, but when I've gotten that error message I've sometimes had success with right-clicking on the file and choosing "Open" from the drop-down instead.

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            Oliver Washington

            Does it open on other computers correctly? If so, the following probably wont work.


            Make sure the file is local on your computer (not over a server). If you have more than one configuration, try opening it in a different configuration (in the SOLIDWORKS open dialogue).


            If that works, go to Settings, Performance, Purge Cached Configuration Data, Save File.

            Do this for each configuration.

            Turn off Purge Cached Configuration Data again before trying to reopen.



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                Iain McEwen

                Hi Julio,


                Try opening it in another configuration or display state. Otherwise, you can open in the advanced configuration, creating a new configuration where everything is suppressed. Now you can unsuppress components individually until you find the offending item.


                Unfortunately it may be that the file is corrupt but often they can be salvaged. If you can't do it then send it into your VAR!