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add note & save as pdf - save object(pdf) into drawing

Question asked by Michael Flanders on Oct 6, 2017

I would like to know how to get two macros that work to run together. I have a macro that adds in approval notes for the customer. I then have a macro that saves the "current sheet" out as a pdf. I was wondering if someone could help me get this to function as one macro were as it adds the notes, saves as pdf then maybe even delete the notes after it saved as PDF.

I've attached the two macros I have now.




on another note, I would like some help on a macro that inserts an object(PDF)  ( from a folder on my desktop) as a PDF with the PDF icon selected and then delete the pdf out of the folder at the end of the macro. I drag and drop customer print(pdf) from my emails into a specified folder then insert then into my drawings as an object so I can double click on them and view the customer drawing if ever a question on original.