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    how to import ordinate dimensions

    Mike Childers

      Is there a way to import ordinate dimensions?  I need to dimension a model.  I want to use ordinate dimensions, but I want to import them so that the tolerances will stay linked.  If I manually ordinate dimension model in drawing and add tolerances, if I change tolerances in model it does not change tolerances in drawing.  Also, with regular dimensions, if I don't import them, the tolerances are not linked (I don't understand why you would ever want them to NOT be linked).


      So, is there a way to import ordinate dimensions with tolerances, or is there a way to convert imported regular dimensions into ordinate.  Any way that I will end up with tolerance linked, ordinate dimensions.  I'm running 2014 by the way.



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          David Matula

          Driving dimensions in the drawing that come from the part will be the way that you put them in the part.

          If you want to change the dimensioning style from single dims to an ordinate system you will need to redimension the part so that when you insert the dimensions they will be what you are looking for.

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            David Matula

            I like that you are trying to use model dimensions on your parts...so many times and different places we will spend time building parts one way and then use a dimensioning scheme that is different from the way that they were modeled.  When I was working as the one and only guy in the department every dimension on the model was on the drawing.  If you have enough dimension to fully define the part then you have enough dimensions to have your parts built assuming that you do not have unassembled parts in the end.

            Now that you are doing this you have learned on thing....dimension the part the way you would your drawing.  Next is to build your part so that the correct views that you are going to show on the drawing so that the dimensions will show up.....Front plane I would use for all my outside type dimensions on my parts. Side plane I would use for internal cuts that I would show with a section view.   then the top plane would be used to show some finishing cuts like cutting wrench flats or hex cuts on the parts.

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              Matt Peneguy

              Interesting question...You may be able to import the data into a design table and accomplish your goal.  See tolerance in design table.

              It will probably also take some Excel kung-fu... But, I think what you want to do may be possible.