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Welding - Fillet bead vs Weld bead

Question asked by Nolan L. on Oct 5, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 6, 2017 by Wayne Schafer

I am looking for best practices and tips regarding welding structural members.


1) What is the real difference between applying fillet beads vs weld beads?

2) What are the pros/cons of each?

3) How do I apply actual material properties to the weld bead or fillet? (Weld Bead Properties>Weld Material - then one can type anything in this box instead of selecting a material with properties associated)

4) Is it best to apply welding in the part file of each piece or once several parts are in an assembly?

5) How do I apply actual weld processes (Same as above question) (Weld Bead Properties>Weld Process)

6) Should I even be spending time on welding in general if I do not need to stress test my product?


General tips and best practices welcome!