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    Weldments defined along a curve

    Aaron Gradeen

      Hey All,

      I've got a cloud of points that represent nodes of a bridge structure (exported from a structural program..most likely SAP). I'm trying to do a frequency analysis on the structure so I need to convert these points into the structure they represent. Below are the steps I envision.

      1. Create a spline/curve connecting the necessary points

      2. Create a weldment along each spine.

      3. Create a simulation which uses beam elements to model each member.

      I can create a spline which intersects the necessary nodes quite easily. It doesn't appear that I can select the spine to extrude weldments along though. I would prefer to use weldments so they are automatically converted to beam elements in the simulation. Any thoughts on how I could do this or am I stuck with only being able to do a swept boss along the spine?

      Thanks in advance,