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Are you attending SolidWorks 2018 Event?

Question asked by Irvin Yuen on Oct 4, 2017



There's will be a SolidWorks 2018 Event this coming week.

Are you attending either one of them??


ATE - SolidWorks Innovation Day (05 Oct 2017 Thursday)

Lifelong Learning Institute

12:00 - 17:30


SEACAD - SolidWorks 2018 Launch Event (06 Oct 2017 Friday)

NTUC Auditorium

13:00 - 17:00


Singapore SolidWorks User Group will be setting up a booth during the SEACAD - SolidWorks 2018 Launch Event


See you all and drop by the booth to say hi..!!!



*Do share your photos or any interesting things that you have come across this event!!*