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Batch Check Out

Question asked by Steve Anderson on Oct 4, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 5, 2017 by Steve Anderson


I am looking at this specific example in the SolidWorks help files.  The application pertains to API programming for PDM 2017 SP4.1.


At the very end of the example, I have added a few lines of code:


               If (retVal) Then

                   batchGetter.GetFiles(Me.Handle.ToInt32(), Nothing)

               End If

end of example above

lines added below

               ' We need a delay

               For c As Integer = 1 To 10





               Dim enumVarObj2 As IEdmEnumeratorVariable8 = aFile.GetEnumeratorVariable

               SetReviewer(enumVarObj2, 1)



           End If


The gist of things is that the example above does a batch check out.  The next step is to transition to updating some values on the card below.  If I check the file out manually, the card update logic works great.  However, it seems there must be some kind of refresh required because when I try to combine the functionality it thinks the file is still checked in and thus will not update the card.  I added the delay, and I wait until it is confirmed checked out, however the logic still fails.


Let me know if you have any thoughts.





Steve Anderson