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Any way to see each instance as a separate line in BOM?

Question asked by Alexandre Gagn&233 on Oct 4, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 9, 2017 by Henrik Faltstrom



I am currently looking into having a solidworks "bridge" installed that will publish from a BOM, part information (identification number, description, quantity) into our company ERP.


Since we are manufacturers and are using aluminium extrusions, we do need to also export the "length" of the part we are using.

I need the ERP to understand that I want to have 5 pieces of 10", opposed to 1 piece of 50".

Since it is impossible to publish a 4th column, I am looking into having solidworks NOT STACK all instances of the same part into 1 line, but have a separate line for each instance.


I also cannot tamper with individual configuration of the parts, since the configuration of these files have already been set to modify another value which is critical (identification number differences between different colors)


I also looked into making each part "independant" by saving them one by one with a different file name, but it is very time consuming.


Any ideas?


Thank you,