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    Cosmos error - Any advise

    James Canney
      Does anyone know what this error relates to and how it can be fixed.

      I am simulating an assembly with 4 parts, Node-node contact constraints, fixed at the base with symetry. One load applied through the top.

      Meshing is fine, go to run the analysis and this error comes up every time, then it just says static analysis failed.

        • Cosmos error - Any advise
          Ameer Chilakala
          Hi, this error due to not properly constrained the model.Before running the analsis, use update all component option in cosmosworks.then if you getting any warning in the study means, remesh the assembly and rerun the analysis. if the problem still occuring means it may be the parts are not properly touched with each other.

          use solidworks option check interference, select the treat coincident as interference, then see the touching faces as per your conditions the parts are touching or not. if the parts are not touching means, manually define the bonded contact conditions between them.