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    Creating an Arc from Referred Geometry

    Evan Johnson

      So, this is my first post... but I was wondering about this while working today, and figured there's probably a quick answer that a pro could answer and I'm simply missing it in my everyday life.


      Consider the following scenario:


      A sketch containing a number of closed contours, one of which is open. The open edge of the final contour is also the same edge as a previously closed contour, namely a segment of a circle that is protruding into the final contour. What is a graceful way of completing the final contour?


      The true question is: How do I follow a circle/arc that is part of a previous sketch, an already closed contour of the same sketch, or a reference geometry? The goal would be to NOT create a full coradial circle, and then trim the entities that are not required. The goal is to create only a segment of the pre-existing circle to finish the contour.



      Evan J.