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Creating an Arc from Referred Geometry

Question asked by Evan Johnson on Oct 4, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 4, 2017 by Tony Cantrell

So, this is my first post... but I was wondering about this while working today, and figured there's probably a quick answer that a pro could answer and I'm simply missing it in my everyday life.


Consider the following scenario:


A sketch containing a number of closed contours, one of which is open. The open edge of the final contour is also the same edge as a previously closed contour, namely a segment of a circle that is protruding into the final contour. What is a graceful way of completing the final contour?


The true question is: How do I follow a circle/arc that is part of a previous sketch, an already closed contour of the same sketch, or a reference geometry? The goal would be to NOT create a full coradial circle, and then trim the entities that are not required. The goal is to create only a segment of the pre-existing circle to finish the contour.



Evan J.