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Which part of the Solidworks is speciffic for 3D printing and 3D scanning?

Question asked by Eugen Lupascu on Oct 4, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 4, 2017 by Krzysztof Pluta

Hello to everyone,


I have a curiosity: Which part of the software is for 3D printing and 3D scanning?

I know that Blender, which is a modelind, texturing and animation suite has an add-on which is for 3D printing. This add-on help test your model if it is good for 3D printing. I know that Solidworks has some add-ins and one of them is Scan to 3D.

Is there a complete solution in Solidworks that allows you to model, test, verify, 3D scan and 3D print a model or an assembly?

If there is not, what combination of actual features you can use to achieve this?



Thank you!