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Please help, can't edit part, command manager greyed out

Question asked by Pendi Govinda on Oct 4, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 4, 2017 by Tony Cantrell

I am using Solidworks 2017 sp4,

I made chair.sldprt and the last command in feature tree is explode view in roll back state and saved it, the next day i open this file, i can't edit the sketch because when i rigth click previous sketch i made in feature tree manager, the "edit skecth" icon missing, there is only suppress & roll back icon in flyout menu, and all the "command manager" icon greyed out.

I google this issue and find this thread "Disappeared edit sketch button ", so i assuming the problem is the explode view command, then i try to delete this command in 2 attempt :

     1. The last time i saved the file, explode view command was in a roll back state, so i "roll to end" the feature tree, so the chair in explode view mode in 3d graphic area. The problem is after i delete this explode view command and it's gone from the feature tree, but my chair in the graphic area still in the explode view mode no matter how i roll back the tree manager this explode state keep showing in graphic area. So i close the file without saving it.

     2. I reopen this file again, with explode view command was in a roll back state, skiping "roll to end" so the chair in graphic area still intact, i right click explode view command in feature tree and click the "X" delete it's gone, and my chair inside graphic area still intact, but still i can't edit the sketch because the "edit sketch" icon still missing and all the "command manager" icon still greyed out, so i assumed i need to saved it and reopen the file, after i reopen it the problem still persist.


notes, the solidworks still working fine i can still edit my other file or new file, it's only for this chair.sldprt file, i attach this file so it can be checked


Thank You, and sorry for my broken english