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Major performance drop

Question asked by Tony Malejko on Oct 4, 2017
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So here's the deal... I was running SW 2017 SP 3.0 and things ran flawlessly minus the occasional crash. I upgraded to SP 4.0 and the crashes became much more problematic and frequent. Every crash would cause SW to take upwards of 10 minutes to start back up again the first time. I had one big crash and SW would never load. Restarting and doing anything I could think of... I let the PC sit here for 2 hours and it never made it past Loading Registry. So I wiped it clean and downloaded a fresh install of SP 4.1. It STILL wouldn't load. I found somewhere in the forums that AVG will do a registry scan and the fixes will correct that, and shockingly it worked. So now it's back on its feet... except the performance is abysmal. Right clicking, drawing sketches, everything has a delay. Trimming in anything more than a simple sketch takes time. 3D sketches right off the bat tend to have a 5-10 frame rate. It can take 15+ seconds to load just a drop down menu if I just have a small weldment frame built. It's driving me insane and killing my productivity.

I'm running an i7 7700, 24GB RAM, and an AMD RX480. I understand that it's not a supported card, but performance was never an issue before. I've updated and downgraded drivers with no change in performance. I got rid of AVG thinking that was the cause, and no luck. Should I just do a clean wipe and go back to 3.0? I've changed every performance related setting in Solidworks and Windows with no effect. Power settings as well, and I'm running on an SSD. Project files are also stored local.