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Section view saved to drawing template

Question asked by Guy Symonds on Oct 3, 2017



I am trying to create a drawing template that I can auto populate using 'Task Scheduler' program.

The parts that I wish to populate the Drawings with are fairly similar, with dimensions driven off of a design table.


I can create a template using 'Predefined Views', which offers me some variation of the 3 standard views. However, I would like to add a sectional view to the template. When I save the drawing sheet (with a section view) as a .drwdot the section view disappears.


Is there anyway to create a template that has a section view saved to it?






Section View.JPG

Section view! Yay.



No Section View.JPG

Saved as a .drwdot my section view has disappeared?

(This is a screen shot of the template with views. When I populate the template with my parts, the section view is also missing.)