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Drawing Title Block driven by Design Table Help?

Question asked by Guy Symonds on Oct 3, 2017
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Desire: Generate Drawing Title Block from Configuration Specific attributes taken from Design Table


I have created  a number part configurations, driven off values from a design table. (I've figured out how to do that part). In addition to pulling dimensional information for driving configuration creation from an Design Table, can I link non-sketch driving data to my Drawing Title Block?


For Example:

For Configuration 488-694-1025-45 (the first config listed), I'd like to the Drawing to have a unique attribute, "AA", with subsequent Config drawings having unique attributes, which would be shown in their respective Drawing Title Block


My question is largely in syntax.

1). What is the correct syntax to label m y Design Table columns with, such that I can call them from  "Custom Properties"?

I've tried a variety of syntaxes with little luck.




2). What is the correct syntax within "Custom Properties" to call on said attributes from my "Design Table"?

  I've tried a variety of flavors as well.




I did find a Macro, User Deepak,  wrote that does something similar. If I could do this with an Design Table, It would be easier in my case, then i wouldn't need a second excel sheet for generating Drawings.

Custom properties


I apologize, this type of question has been beaten to death. I can't seem to find a solution in what I've read




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