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#TASK isn't seeing my network drives.  Is there something else I should be doing?

Question asked by Dan Pihlaja on Oct 2, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 15, 2019 by Dan Pihlaja

So, I have used #TASK to bulk create my PDF files.  It works great!

Here is the scenario:   In order to create prototype drawings, I created my assembly and all my components on my hard drive of my computer.   I created the drawings and PDF files there as well (used #TASK to cycle through and create the PDF Files).


Now I am ready to release the production version of my fixture.  I used Pack and Go to move the entire assembly and drawings to the proper network location.

Now, I want to re-create the PDF files there.


(I know that I can copy and paste the original PDF files from my hard drive, but inside the drawing is a little note with the network location of that drawing, and that comes through on the PDF file.  So I want the drawing to reflect the proper network location, which means that I have to re-create the PDF files while they are on the network).


The problem that I am having is that none of the network locations are showing up in the "browse for files" box:



So, before I bother IT with this, I wanted to ask here (because IT has never heard of #TASK).


Is there something else I should be doing to allow #TASK to see the network?


Edit:  I just wanted to add that this is the first time I am using #TASK in regards to the network here at work, so no, its not that it worked on the network before, as there is no "before".


Edit2: I wanted to add my operating system specs: