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Sort Weldment Cut List by two columns - likely creating a weldment cut list table template

Question asked by James Salmon on Oct 2, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 19, 2020 by Jacob Immonen

Sort Weldment Cut List by two columns

I am using weldments to create a structure (floor of a vehicle) - and for my production crew, I want to be able to sort the weldment cut list by 2 categories (one, then the other – like adding a sorting level in excel). First I want the "Description" column to be sorted so that alike materials/structural members are grouped. Secondly, I want the "Length" column sorted from longest to shortest, but remain 'grouped by sorting' with alike materials. SW only has the option to sort by one or the other - when I sort by length (after description), it completely scrambles the descriptions to sort the length properly. I also need this cut list to remain linked to the balloons for the callouts of the parts. Currently my solution is to drag and drop the items within the cut list to the proper order, but this is time consuming and does not get updated when a change is made to the structure.

I have attempted multiple solutions:

  1. Creating an excel file, having excel sort the columns by 2 levels, and saving this as a weldment cut list table template – however I do not think I did this right and don’t know how. THIS IS LIKELY THE PROPER WAY TO SOLVE THE PROBLEM BUT I DO NOT KNOW HOW TO DO IT SUCCESSFULLY.
  2. Making a cut list, sorting by description and splitting the table by grouped material type, then sorting the split table sections by length - problem here is that even though the table is “split” the sort option pretends like they are still connected, just separated for visual appearance.
  3. Making multiple cut lists, then sorting them by description, splitting them by group, then deleting all groups except one (kept different groups from each cut list) and sorting these tables - the issue here is the balloons will only link to one cut list.
  4. Some other things I don’t even remember that never worked
  5. The "grouping" command does not work in weldment cut lists.

If anyone knows how to help with this issue it would be greatly appreciated!