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Trouble With Display Styles in Weldment Drawing

Question asked by Patrick Greller on Oct 2, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 2, 2017 by Patrick Greller

I am having trouble with the display style for a drawing of a weldment.  I have been working on detailing a large weldment.  Sheet 1 of the drawing contains the Cut List, front view, and side view.  Sheets 2 & 3 contain different isometric views that I have started ballooning.  Sheets 4 x 5 contain detail (dimensioned) views of individual components (steel tubing and angle) .  Any piece of tubing or angle with an angled cut gets an individual detail drawing.  I want the isometrics on Sheets 2 & 3 to display shaded with edges.  Even though I have shaded with edges selected only one piece of angle (call it Angle1) in the weldment displays this way.

The model displays correctly when shaded with edges is selected.  However, when any other display type (shaded, wireframe, etc) is selected Angle1 always displays as shaded with edges.  The rest of the model displays correctly.

Last, the isometrics used to display correctly until I had trouble with a face of Angle1 in the model being transparent.  After struggling with the Display Pane and selecting/deselecting the transparent face on Angle1 in the model I was able to change it back to opaque.  Then after this the drawing display troubles happened.