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Macro to link external equation file to multiple parts

Question asked by Patrick Williams on Oct 2, 2017



I have a number of parts in an assembly that are linked to an external text file which drive a number of equations. Recently I have had to add a few more variables to the file and have been manually re-importing the file into each part. I understand the numerical value can be changed and updated in the part via a simple rebuild, however I am unaware of a simple solution when adding a whole new line to the text file.


Due to this I have been looking at creating a macro that can import a text file across multiple parts. So far I have been able find a macro for importing an equation file into 1 part but wondered if this can be adapted so that I can select multiple files or a whole folder for the file to be imported to? (see 'Import Equations' attachment) I've also attached a macro for opening all files in a selected folder which I've been unable to make work but thought it might be useful and somehow combined with the first macro.


I'm fairly new to macros so any and all help would be most appreciated.