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    solidworks mbd

    Johannes Biechele

      Hello All, will i be able to see -( the points, planes, axis created in the model to dimension in silidworks mbd workbench) in 3d pdf created by mbd ?

      As some of the dimensions are not alligned to points, planes where the dimesnion is actually meant to be, its a wierd representation when seen in 3d pdf.

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          Oboe Wu

          Thank you, Johannes.

          Reference geometries created in SOLIDWORKS are not displayed in the 3D PDF yet.

          Would it be possible to share several samples of the reference geometries you want to show up in 3D PDF?


          Sketches such as exploded lines or sheet metal bend lines are displayed today as shown below. Adobe Reader's line styles are not as rich as SOLIDWORKS, so you see solid lines, rather than dash lines.