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Making cam-like protrusions between threads

Question asked by Jack Ruddat on Oct 1, 2017
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       I am trying to create a challenging hollow wood-boring bit that has three thread starts, is tangent to a 2.66° tapered cone, and has three, equally spaced cam-like protrusions that are flush with the top of the threads and the face of the cone. Also, the threads taper down to the face of the cone of each end of the cone. On the small end of the cone, the threads keep their sharp profile for cutting while they taper. However, on the large end of the cone, the threads become flattened as they taper to the surface of the cone for easy backing out of the wood-boring bit from what it is cutting into. To further complicate the process, the cam-like protrusions taper down at an angle to their left and right to create a smooth transition from the root of the threads, to top of the protrusion, and then back down the the root again on the other side. So far I have made the threads and cone but am not sure about my attempt at tapering the threads along the edges of the cone (they look a bit off in terms of angle) or how to flatten the threads at the large end of the cone and create the three cam-like protrusions. I attached the model and pictures (with name references) of what the threads and cam-like protrusions should eventually look like.


Thanks for the help,

Jack Ruddat