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Export file using a variable to change text content

Question asked by Jaco Theron on Sep 30, 2017

First time posting here, sorry if this is in the wrong location or the question have been answered before.


I have a Solidworks (SW2017) file that I have created, that among other features, have a text layer (inside a sketch) that contains someone's name. I also have a list of names that should be on the final parts.


What I need to do is run a batch script (or something) to, for each name in the list, modify the text layer to contain the name (it is simple in that the whole layer only contains the one name) and then export/save an STL file (using default settings, as previously defined) to a folder, while appending the name used to the file (to obviously not overwrite the previous files). Thus the only change between files is the name on the object.


The end use for these are personalized gifts for a school's farewell party (the grades that are leaving end of the year for the High School). These gifts are to be 3d printed.

Is there an easy way to achieve this (rather than manually copy/paste each of the 180 names into the text, then select save and paste the name to the end of the file and repeat)?


I am quite new to Solidworks, only got it early this year.

Any help greatly appreciated.