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Is there a CircuitWorks ascii file specification document?

Question asked by A. Gibson on Sep 29, 2017

     I am working with Mentor Graphics PADS Layout VX.1, and I do not have the option to generate an IDF 3.0 file for import into my CircuitWorks add-in for SolidWorks.  Therefore, I have been attempting to use the .asc file export function from PADS, and importing it into CircuitWorks via the Open ECAD File function.  This works fairly well, with the exception of missing copper features in the final imported model.  However, all of the trace features are imported properly.  This does not appear to be a unique problem because there are many topics relating to this problem on the SolidWorks and PADS forums.


     PADS has an ascii file specification document, which helps me interpret the .asc file.  However, I have been unable to find the .asc file specification document for CircuitWorks.  Does this document exist?