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    Add to balloon stack in drawing

    Gordon Rigg

      The method off accessing the balloon data when adding a balloon to a stack for a hidden part or a part with no geometry is ludicrous (unless thereis a better way I didnt find yet).


      so you have a bolt, for example with a balloon on it.

      you add to stack

      you have another empty balloon that wants to have a washer, or some loctite or something referenced in it.

      Now you have to click the left hand tab in the feature manager,  find a view with the part in it, dive into the reference tree of that view, find the part, and even then you are not done, you have to drill down into that part, find the origin within that part and click on that!
      Now the right balloon number appears in the balloon.



      But, yes there right in front of you is the BOM with that desired balloon number in it. It should be possible to copy special or something that number and add it to stack directly. That is how it was done in the cad system i used 20 or more years ago. In fact any text string could be copied from the BOM and placed in any note, and remain linked to the part data.

      Isn't progress a wonderful thing.

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          Steve Calvert

          I just add the original balloon and then hide a prt or two to see the other stuff underneath.  It's manual but it works fine.


          Steve C

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            John Pesaturo

            Gordon, I can't say that I disagree here. If there's a better way of adding items to the stack I'd love to find it as well.


                 We encounter the same thing when we get into any number of our section views where we would like to represent which items are all the same thickness but only certain items have been included in the section detail and therefore only those items can be parametrically added to the stack. Our workaround has always been to add them, change the balloon to text and enter item numbers at will. Not parametric and certainly not the way we would like to be doing this.


                 While I like your idea of being able to pull the item number from the BOM (I think that's great actually) we don't typically have a BOM on the sheet in question in our case. Sure we could add one, do what we need to do and delete it but that would garner it's own set of needless operations.

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                Gordon Rigg

                but to work using the bom is pretty easy, and just hide it or delete it.
                but why you have to go to the origin, and not just pick the part in in the list (the list that took so many clicks to get to) I dont know.



                However I think that if you show origins on your view, you will have the origin of every single part on there, and if you are extremely skillful, or lucky, you can add to stack and select the origin of the part you want to add that way? I'm hoping... but if you have a lot of no geometry parts (this is how we handle adhesives and the like) those origins will all be overlapping on 0,0,0.

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                Michael Closson

                I believe in the past when I needed to add a Stacked Balloon, to attach the balloon to an object, I picked in the area I wanted and used the Select Other option.


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                  Jyrki Luumi

                  Cool! Shame on me for thinking that this wouldn't even be possible in the wonderful world of SW. Guess I stopped digging deeper after trying all the logical ways of doing it, like for example clicking on the item in the BOM table... Kudos!