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Total Length in Cut List

Question asked by John Wayman on Sep 29, 2017

A colleague asked me to check his weldment drawing today. In it, he had inserted a BOM table showing the total length of the material. As it happened, he had used the same material throughout, so he had edited the table to show only one line, but that is not important.

As part of my check, I added up the lengths of the individual constituent parts. They came to 22000mm. Imagine my surprise when I saw the BOM table reporting a total length of 22930mm!

There was no indication anywhere on the drawing or in the part that anything was amiss with the weldment cut list.

When I opened the part and right-click, properties in the first item in the cut list, the Total Length was shown as 22930.

When I reached Cut List Item 11 (3rd in the list, strangely enough), it showed the Total length as <$1$23.5999999999999998$>.

I assumed that was not the correct value, so I deleted the Cut List altogether and clicked Create Cut Lists Automatically, whereupon the Cut List and BOM reported the correct value.

Let's assume that not everyone gets their calculator out when checking a weldment drawing. If there had been many more than 8 items in the Cut List, I may not have done so.

Is there a way to have Solidworks indicate that something is amiss with this sort of enumeration, without having to go digging for it?

I can only assume that this is not the only case in which it has been wrong, although I have nothing other than my innate pessimism to support this assertion.


How do I change the way we do these drawings to ensure that the information in them is always correct?


SW2016, SP5


Windows 10 pro