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    List of Users in a Group Report

    Karen Marvin

      Hello All,


      I have reached the end of my ability to search Google for the answer to this user request so I am hoping someone here will be able to help.


      The request was for users to be able to see group membership - and find out who can help them with file approvals.  After much searching, it seemed like the only way to do this was with the Report Generator.  I have found the default "User details of selected group(s)" report and can run this with no difficulties.  However, the report returns the "Username", which in our case is simply a login name and not very helpful.  I know that PDM also keeps track of a "Full Name" and would rather the report return this value.  Could someone please help with what the syntax could be for this?  Would I need to have access to the SQL database to change this default query, or is editing the .crp file possible?  Is there another (easier) way for users to see group membership?



      - Karen

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          Steven Hanson



          CRP Files are a text file that can be opened in notepad or similar program, they have a format specified in the help file:

          2017 SOLIDWORKS PDM Help - Formatting a Report Query.  You do not have to have access to the SQL database to change the file but it makes it much easier in determining "HOW" to change it, because you can develop the queries and test them there and then bring into CRP file.  One of the most difficult parts is figuring out what is stored where in the database.  If you search the forums they can provide a lot info and there are charts showing the relationships between tables on there also, just don't have link handy.


          I have attached a file with the modification to the attached report of adding the Full Name from the PDM Tables.


          If you want to get rid of the username you can delete that from the section "SELECT U.Username, G.Groupname, G.Description, U.FullName" this is showing which columns are shown and there order flows the order here.


          Steve H.