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mates breaking

Question asked by John Chesna on Sep 29, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 2, 2017 by David Matula

Hey yall,


I've tried searching the forums with no luck, kept getting redirected to some jiveon forum site.  So I didn't come up with any search results, it keeps wanting me to post.  Not sure where to post or look, but whatever, onto the question.


How do you build large assemblies without the mates breaking?  I see those pictures when SolidWorks is loading, and I'm thinking, "No fricking way is that possible!".  I can't even build an assembly with 100 machined pieces without parts jumping to a mated connection or flying off the screen.  And we're talking simple geometries.  Square edges and circles.


I've downloaded the hotfix and patch that was supposed to clear this up.  When it first started happening I started investigating and noticed that this is an actual problem in SW 2017 and patches were created to help fix it.  Well, instead of parts flying off the screen into the void of the SW workspace, they now slide into position, breaking previous mates. 


What am I doing wrong?  What are the tips?  How can I make this stop?


Here's another scenario.  I mate everything up, it all fits good.  I use measure, verify dimensions, everything is spot on.  MMM, gravy.  I save it, close it.  I open it not even 5 minutes later with red text over all the mates!  WHAT!  Click rebuild.  Changes from red to Yellow exclamation warning.  Well, that wasn't there before, what the heck happened?  OK, close it all, save nothing.  Open it again, same problem.  Ok.  Ok.  Start from scratch.  Rebuild it all.  Everything fits.  Click save.  Gravy.  Close it.  Go home.  Come back the next day.  Red mates again!  Ok, go throug mates list, delete the most recent red mates.  Red text disappears.  Save. Close.  Open............ RED TEXT!1!1!!!!1111!


I can create stable assemblies when there are few mates.  Anything for large assemblies, red with problems all day long.  This is a problem as we're building a machine.  I cannot create a stable assembly.


I run SolidWorks Rx tool, it suggests updating graphics driver.  Ok cool.  I update driver from the link provided by the SolidWorks toolbox.  Reload the Rx tool, "Check your driver, the current one is not supported." Seriously?  I just downloaded it from your own dialog box!  This is the one you suggested I download!