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Working project suddenly crashes

Question asked by Dárius Kuraś on Sep 29, 2017

Hi everyone,

Yesterday I made a new spare-time project. Imported model, spend some time with setting appearances, etc. Saved it, launched low-end render. After it completed I tryed to open project to continue to work on it. Everything loaded but the work area shows just blank black. When I click on it just Aplication Error window pups up with message "Oops, something went Wrong.". I attached text file with trouble shoot I got from there. Here also the project. Its over 28MB so I packed it into two rar files. So maybe someone could check if they get same error. First thing I did was deleting this project and make new. Everything worked. Also closeing and opening project. Again saved it and lauched render and closed Visualize. Today I was tryeing to open it and I got just same error. Meanwhile I also actuailsed my gpu driver. You can see also my HW configuration at the end of attached text file.


Hope there is a solution for my problem. I was really looking fourvard to results I will get.


All the best Dárius Kuraś.