Michael Webster

Selection issue with SW 2009 SPxxx

Discussion created by Michael Webster on Jan 20, 2009
Latest reply on Jan 21, 2009 by Basil Gello
Running Vista 64, SW 2009 sp2 (just installed, however the issue I will describe occurred previously in sp1 and sp0.

Using an nvidia Quadro FX570 with 175.51 drivers.

Most times, when I'm in part or assembly mode, if I select a face or edge, my display will not actually highlight what I've selected unless I zoom in or out (via mouse wheel or spacepilot). Sometimes I have to do a great deal of zooming/panning/rotating before whatever I've selected will actually highlight.

Searching through these forums, I've not found anyone with exactly the issues I'm having, but I have tried customizing my 3d settings per a few other posts with no improvement.

Besides this issue I have no other problems with SW graphics, performance-related or other (besides the fact it's a relatively weak card when I have a large assembly).

Anyone ever experienced this? I think this may be strictly a vista-related issue, but can't recall.