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View link values in BOM?

Question asked by Ryan Cook on Sep 27, 2017
Latest reply on May 25, 2018 by Carlos Veliz



Is there any way to view that a custom link has been added to a BOM table?


For instance, I start with a blank row in the BOM table.  I double-click on a cell in that row and then click the Link to Property button.  In the popup window, I choose current model and find the property I want in the list.  My custom property is P/N & the value is $PRP:"SW-File Name"-01.  When I exit the window, the value fills out but the only way to tell that the cell is actually a linked value is to double click the box and have the cursor jump from the left side of the value to the right.  1) This is incredibly tedious & 2) I can't tell what property the cell was actually linked to.