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    "My Training" Issues

    Anthony Ortíz

      While using Training | MySolidWorks, I am having an issue with the training modules not showing "Completed". Even after I finish a training module with a passing score, it continues to state it is "Not Started". Is there something I am doing wrong? Thank you.


      I have a student subscription.

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          Benny Huyghebaert

          I have the same question. I have a standard subscription of solidworks.


          Still months ago it was working like it should...

          I tested with different browsers, no change.

          Passing with 80% or 100% also makes no change.


          Why is this?

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            Shad Thomas

            Same question here. I recently found out that I have professional along with my Solidworks Professional sub. Registered the SN. Logged out and back in. Started training. Shows no change. Tried switching from Chrome to IE. No change. Updated flash. No change.

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              Dominic Duguay





              I have found the solution to the problem in my particular situation, which sounds a lot like yours...  What I did was to update the Adobe Flash Player in both Microsoft Internet Explorer and in Google Chrome.  If you use both browsers, you'll need to make sure that your browsers are set up to allow Adobe Flash Player content to play / run automatically.


              Now that I have update the Adobe Flash Player in both browsers, I can work through the lessons, and get the proper completion status for each lesson in both Microsoft Internet Explorer and Google Chrome!  I also went ahead and added My.SolidWorks.com to the "safe sites" under the Security Principles in each browser as well...


              Obviously if you don't use both browsers, you only need to update the one you like to use the most.  Strange as it may seem, in Google Chrome, when I checked to see if Adobe Flash Player was up-to-date, it showed it was.  However, initially, it still would not mark the lessons as completed properly.  So I went ahead and re-installed the most up-to-date version of Adobe Flash Player for Chrome (which you need to install the PPAPI version, just FYI) and then after a Browser restart, it started working perfectly!


              Anyhow, I hope this helps someone else with the same issues!




              I tryed what this guys said on content parameter and safety and it solved my problems.


              Hope it helps you too, sorry if it's late