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    Different PathName when Using SwDMComponent9 and sldworks.Component2

    Samuel Petersen


      to get the Components of a assyembly I use:

                  Dim config As SwDMConfiguration14 = oDoc.ConfigurationManager.GetConfigurationByName(ConfigName)
                  Dim lstComponent2 As Array = config.GetComponents


      I ask on of the components for it's path using


      and get as result:

      "S:\Technik\Projekte\0000_Test\02_Konstruktion\01_Solid Works\2000-Hochförderer\Spannsatz.SLDPRT"


      But when I open the assembly in SolidWorks and use

      Dim lstComponent2 As Array = CType(oDoc, sldworks.AssemblyDoc).GetComponents(True)

      and ask the same component for it's path if get:

      "\\svdc\Daten\Technik\Projekte\0000_Test\02_Konstruktion\01_Solid Works\6000-Hubrollgang\SPANNSATZ.SLDPRT"


      hint: S:\ = \\svdc\Daten\


      Why is there a other path? How can I ensure, that the DocumentManager returns me the same path like SolidWorks?



      Thanks for any hint,