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    Configuration Editor enhancement

    Doug Barr

      I would like the Configuration Editor to be more 'windows-like'. It would be a great benefit to have the ability to select multiple 'check-boxes' using Shift and Ctrl, or similar method. With perhaps six configs and 20 mates to modify suppression, there would be 120 'uncheck' clicks. Am I missing an undocumented method for this action? TIA

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          Todd Blacksher

          I think I know what you are saying - it can be a lot easier in a design table (because you are just editing cells), but this is the first thing that comes to mind for me:

          right click on the mate, select properties, change to "Specify Configuration(s)"

          Click "Ok" and it will bring up a list of configurations:

          This makes it a little easier to select/deselect several items, but it is still cumbersome for multiple mates.

          just hoping this might trigger some more ideas,


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            Dan Pihlaja

            You can check one box, then RMB on it and select copy.  Then drag select (or shift select) the rest and CTRL V to place the check marks.


            See attached video:

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              Christian Chu


              it's what's SW API for - you can customize the way you like

              SW features are more general for everyone's use, not for specific case

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                  Doug Barr


                  Back in my AutoCAD days, I became an 'expert' in AutoLISP, even taught a customization course in a community college. The feeling of accomplishment of creating a complex program, by this right-brained artist, was delicious.


                  20+ years on, I don't believe I have the same mental acuity to learn a new programming language! I have indeed tried API, around the days of SW98PLUS, but have not collected the patience or interest to delve into it again. Luckily most bugs or enhancements to SW have found their way into the current version, and it has been a rare moment when I've looked for any kind of automated command ability.



                  I would welcome suggestions for a good tutorial that this 66 yr old brain might be able to comprehend and benefit from!


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                      Christian Chu

                      Record macro is a start

                      and you can search around here, there are thousands of macro you can download and learn from it

                      Also the API help is very useful - Not done anything in AutoLISP, but I believe, it's not that hard

                      you can also find lot of good stuff  from Ketch Rice site

                      and you can post your macro here and many are willing to help you out

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                          Doug Barr

                          I remember an API I attempted to write. It was more than a macro, if I recall.


                          At the time, there was no ISOLATE command, and I don't think DISPLAY STATES had evolved very far if at all. I wanted a way to select several components in an assembly and leave those visible, or leave them unsuppressed, and then hide or suppress all others. It was similar to some simple LISP commands which would make AutoCAD layers visible or frozen or locked. Simple in LISP.


                          I could not find a way to do that in SW2001, but someone at SW assisted with a fairly involved set of programs (quirky to load) which slowly performed an entire database scan, built a selection set of all of them, then modified the set with those previously selected items, then adjusted the visibility of the remaining selection set. The functionality and results were quirky and it upset the undo-redo function, and ultimately didn't do what I'd hoped for. At that point I gave up on doing my own API work, if even a SW expert couldn't get it to work well.