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Dimensions in eDrawings

Question asked by Alex Lachance on Sep 26, 2017
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First off, let me start off by saying that I am on SolidWorks 2016 SP4.0.


Where I work at, we use eDrawings throughout our factory to be able to view certain drawings and sometimes take dimenions on them. Every single computer in the company which has SolidWorks installed has the configuration to allow eDrawings to be able to take dimensions.


My problem is that this setting which allows users on eDrawings to be able to take dimensions seems to pop off at random times. Because of this, our night shift can't take dimensions on certain drawings.


Has anyone ever had that?

Are there other known free software to view SolidWorks files and take dimensions? eDrawings is already pretty choppy so this little bug is pretty much the cherry on top that makes me want to get rid of it. If there are other alternatives, I'd love to know them.