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    change tag letter in annotation table solidworks2017

    Dionatan Silveira



      why cant i to change a tag letter of table annotation in 2017 version?


      for example, in 2015 it works!


      follow a picture that show what i am trying to do.


      i need change the letters in the first column, but not lose the link with drawing. i want define a specif letter by some holes.



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          Jim Paige

          As I understand it, SWX works in defined progression from the bottom left hand corner of the chosen part face containing the holes based upon which holes it reaches first along the X-axis to determine which holes are A', B's, etc.


          The best that I've ever come up with is to sequence the holes the way that I want (certain holes be A1, A2, etc., then other certain holes as B1, B2, etc.).  You can do this by starting the hole table, choosing the origin, then selecting those holes (not the face) that you want to be A1, A2, etc., place the hole table then edit the hole table from the sidebar and add the next series of holes.  You have to expand then recombine the "same size" holes to clean up the table.  Time consuming but it works.


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              Dionatan Silveira

              Not exactly it. I need select cell in table e then insert a new letter, for example "F", "T", "J", etc.

              I would like to define some letters by some holes in several draws that i have.

              This way, the hole "3x10" in all of draws would be "F" for example, the hole "8x12" would be "G", the hole "10x10" would be "T" and successively.


              basically i want creat a specific collection holes each one with your respective letter. I know that i can do it inserting a new column, but this new informations won't be showed in the draw and i don't want it.


              in other way, it should be possible change it by API, but in the version 2017 it isn't working.