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    Thread types and file sizes in the Toolbox add-in

    Laci Tele

      Hi all,


      I started Solidworks. I created a new assembly. Then I opened Toolbox and I added a part from it:

      JIS - Bolts and Screws - Hexagon Socket Head Screws - Hex Socket Head Cap JIS B 1176

      I've set the parameters to M6 , Length = 20, Thread Type - simplified

      The part was added to the assembly. I clicked on the part and I clicked edit, then I modified material, then I clicked Save As, and I saved the part with a the new name.

      OK, now I got a named screw part, made from a specific material. So far so good.


      Then I repeated the whole above process, except one step, I've set cosmetic and schematic thread type. (I always closed Solidworks between steps)

      Now I have 3 files with different thread display types :

      a simplified one 161 kByte

      a cosmetic one 1476 kByte

      a schematic one 365 kByte


      And this is my question, this is what I don't understand. The cosmetic is significantly bigger than schematic. I assume that is bigger in the memory too. So whats the point ? Why would I choose cosmetic, at all ?

      I can see one thing, the cosmetic has the schematic feature, the whole detaile thread, but its suppressed so its not visible. But it takes the files size.

      I could be wrong but my video card is able to handle lot of vertices, that is not the bottleneck, but the memory footprint is much more important.

      I want some clarification about these things, because its not clear. What makes Solidworks slower the cosmetic thread or the schematic one ? I understand the intention, but it does work indeed, is cosmetic faster , someone checked this ever ?


      Because in my experience the supression doesn't make things faster.

      I made the following experiment :

      I've created a big assembly with lot of parts and lot of mates and relations between parts. It was bloody slow of course.

      Then I've set every single part to "fixed" and I suppresse their mates, because it was not necessary anymore. There was no relation between the parts anymore , all parts were fixed ! And it was the same bloody slow !

      I don't understand these things, I might be silly.





      PS: sorry for the long letter